Iniciativas relacionadas ao Gist Lab e seus integrantes.
A seguir listamos os Projetos que tiveram algum envolvimento do Gist Lab e seus integrantes mesmo antes de existir formalmente o laboratório.

Jun-21IoT device for health monitoring
Apr-21IoT monitor solution for diesel flue gas
Feb-20IoT room temperature control
Jan-20IoT architecture for health monitoring
Jan-20IoT environment for hands-on classes
Dec-19Use of accelerometers to reduce energy consumption in BLE beacons
Jan-19Design, build and evaluation of a BLE in-door position solution
Mar-18Investigation, design, build and evaluation of a solution for recovery the I/O states with intermittent power
Sep-17Terra System – Android (GSOC)
Apr 17Experimental evaluation of energy efficient algorithms for WSN
Dec-16Terra System – Linux
Mar-15Terra System – TinyOS
Jun-14Analysis of duty-cycling for saving energy in code dissemination over sensor networks
Jul-13Indoor Temperature monitoring
Apr-11Testbed Service for WSN/IoT
Mar-11Terra – Reconfigurable system for WSN/IoT based on virtual machine and reactive programming
Mar-09Reconfigurable system for WSN based on State Machine