Initiatives related to the Gist Lab and its members.
Below we list the Projects that had some involvement by the Gist Lab and its members even before the laboratory formally existed.

Jun-21IoT device for health monitoring
Apr-21IoT monitor solution for diesel flue gas
Feb-20IoT room temperature control
Jan-20IoT architecture for health monitoring
Jan-20IoT environment for hands-on classes
Dec-19Use of accelerometers to reduce energy consumption in BLE beacons
Jan-19Design, build and evaluation of a BLE in-door position solution
Mar-18Investigation, design, build and evaluation of a solution for recovery the I/O states with intermittent power
Sep-17Terra System – Android (GSOC)
Apr 17Experimental evaluation of energy efficient algorithms for WSN
Dec-16Terra System – Linux
Mar-15Terra System – TinyOS
Jun-14Analysis of duty-cycling for saving energy in code dissemination over sensor networks
Jul-13Indoor Temperature monitoring
Apr-11Testbed Service for WSN/IoT
Mar-11Terra – Reconfigurable system for WSN/IoT based on virtual machine and reactive programming
Mar-09Reconfigurable system for WSN based on State Machine